Chapter Presidents


Madeline Scales Taylor.png

Mole Madeline Scales Taylor

Jacksonville Chapter

Bonita W. Hunter President Newport News

Mole Bonita W. Hunter

Newport News Chapter

The thirty-one chapters of The Moles are located across sixteen states and in the District of Columbia.

Cheryl W Capers President Savannah Chapt

Mole Cheryl W. Capers

Savannah Chapter


Crystal Y. Melchor President Wilberforce

Mole Crystal Y. Melchor

Wilberforce Chapter



Cynthia J. Gresham President Empire City

Mole Cynthia J. Gresham 

Empire City NY Chapter



Deborah Lum President Atlanta

Mole Deborah Lum 

Atlanta Chapter

Deborah Peoples President Dallas Fort Wo

Mole Deborah Peoples

Dallas Forth Worth Chapter

Mole Dr. Charlene Cooper Boston Baltimore Chapter

Faye D. Owens President Louisville Chapt

Mole Faye D. Owens 

Louisville Chapter

Geri H. Malone President Indianapolis Ch

Mole Geri H. Malone 

Indianapolis Chapter


Mole Gloria Randolph King Roanoke Chapter

Gwen Steward Clements President Winston-

Mole Gwen Steward Clements Winston-Salem Chapter

Mole Jacquelyn Billips

Petersburg Chapter

Mole Kaye Hayes

District of Columbia Chapter

Mole Lynne Morris

Richmond Chapter

Mole Patricia Smith Sanders 

St. Louis Chapter


Mole Martha Lewis

Rocky Mount Chapter